Crocodile’s Fiancée

Thanet Awsinsiri

19 Jan 2006 - 26 Feb 2006

After abstaining from the solo show for 4 years, Thanet returns to the stage to present his vision which is about human being and their environment, women, femininity through his own expressionistic worldview.

In his childhood, he lived in the small province surrounded with the plentiful nature and there cultured him an expressionism. As a step of life, he moved into Bangkok, a centre of civilizations and the western culture mixed. The change affects his past works, which depicted the world of unbalance by using dark tone of colours and a crowded background. 

For his latest work, Thanet totally presents the different worldview. It is about the world of balance in amidst of civilisation and western culture mixed, women and femininity embedded in any creatures. It is shifted from world of materialism to the world of balance where peace, lightness, and serenity discovered. 

To present the new aspect, the use of colour applied is a bright tone. The symbolic explanation is noted such as using the word “crocodile” presented his identity, a picture of “pillow” and “bed” referred to a normal stage of life (birth, agedness, illness, death and repose), “woman” used as a reference of value and mildness, as well as ‘a semi-scenery background” represented his childhood. 

Please come to discover the value of world of balance of this crocodile with “Crocodile’s Fiancée” at 100 Tonson Gallery