It's Spiritually Good!

Yuree Kensaku

14 Jul 2005 - 14 Aug 2005

Oh, How Spiritual!  

The return of Thai-Japanese artist, Yuree Kensaku, with her latest solo exhibition, Oh, How Spiritual! to her spiritual gallery is presented her new imaginary experience. 

It seems so easy to discover that TV program is probably an influential factor for her creating this new series. As one day, she dreams that she could sing a Thai country song like a professional singer. But, there is only one of passages in lyric that she repeats many times which is “Oh, how spiritual!”


And that becomes her new inspiration and new title of this exhibition. It is not just because of a word in a dream, but it is something about how she interprets and discovers an idea that “our imagination never stops, even in our dream.” 

Images in her painting are formed from her dream, her tiny memory, and nervousness and represented in a vague scene as she tries to covey exactly the same feeling that she saw in her dream. Audience will be attracted to join her fantasy dream and discover her never-ending imagination, you will fall in love her again and again.