Atmosfear / บรรยากาศมาคุ: Work in Progress

Yuree Kensaku

18 Feb 2016 - 30 Apr 2016

100 Tonson Gallery is delighted to announce ATMOSFEAR, marking its groundbreaking site-specific project by Yuree Kensaku. The project invites audiences to witness part of the creation process, how the artist transforms the gallery’s white cube into her own world through a series of her murals in a time span of 4 months. Commonly we see site-specific installations done by conceptual artists but rarely by painters. Having a chance to see the artist in action present even a rarer opportunity. Since 2011, Yuree started taking on projects with larger scale. We are often asked how her petite frame copes with such large canvas and this project at 100 Tonson Gallery presents a special opportunity for visitors to observe the artist working in situ.

Yuree Kensaku is one of the leading Thai new wave talents whose works are exhibited and collected internationally in the past 10 years including her solo showcase at Art Basel Hong Kong 2015. Known for her lively colorful painting with characters influenced by wide range of sources from mythologies, popular culture, Japanese Manga, to folklores and fairy tales, combined with her witty wordplay, resulted into a visual narrative often with unexpectedly dark underlying message

ATMOSFEAR is inspired by a special dimension oozing with malicious energy called Makuu Space appeared in a Japanese superhero series, Space Sheriff Gavan where the protagonist battles his villain. The term then became Thai colloquial word used to describe awkward or uncomfortable situations. Entering Yuree’s Makuu Space, the audience faces with humorous and imaginative reinterpretations of health issue, fear, death and mutual anxiety over contemporary crisis. A large atmospheric painting is Yuree’s personal sphere of social commentaries merges with uplifting mutual imagery from popular culture.

Starting from February 18th through 4 months of the work in progress period, the audience is encouraged to visit the gallery where Yuree resides and work routinely during the opening hours as the gallery is processed gradually through the transformation before full completion in June. 

100 Tonson Gallery welcomes all visitors to the work in progress period from Thursday, February 18th until May 31th 2016, Thursday – Sunday, 11.00 – 19.00. On every Sunday from 17.00 – 19.00 pm , the gallery welcome all visitors to Happy Hour!, a small laid-back gathering with the artist after work, refreshments will be provided. Details on the opening party in June will be provided in a separate announcement.