108 Paths to Vanity

Yuree Kensaku 

15 Jan 2004 - 15 Feb 2004

108 Paths to Vanity is a solo exhibition by Yuree Kensaku.  If you read into the concept of the painting and look at the art, the connection will not immediately be clear.  The paintings present vibrant, thick, colorful, oil work, and but it comes with a dark and heavy message. 

In her Moon Walk painting, the artist presents a cute white monkey in an astronaut suit, floating above the surface of the moon.  This attractive presentation actually refers to Michael Jackson’s ambition to become white.  Her other pieces in this exhibition including, Ratchada Paradise, Like A Virgin, Koon Chang Dai Wig, etc., share this interesting characteristic.  108 Paths to Vanity is an exhibition about those who pretend to forget themselves and those who want to forget who they are.

Yuree or Yuri is a young artist, recently discovered during her successful debut exhibition last year.  108 Paths to Vanity is her first exhibition outside of college; but the artist has already made a name for herself as her work has been so sought after, several months before the opening.  

This half Thai, half Japanese artist is definitely is not just a pretty face.  She is at the beginning of a very promising career as an artist who chooses to present the world with vibrant colors that carries substance.  Viewers may be drawn into her paintings by the dense color and the way the artist applies thick, generous use of paint.  In closely looking at the meaning behind each piece, the strong or sometimes dark messages which  often contrast with the brightness in appearance become clearer.  By this time, you realize, you have already fallen in love with Yuri’s art.