we are now 100 TONSON FOUNDATION

01 Oct 2021 - 30 Nov 2030

Initially started as a charitable art gallery, 100 Tonson’s path has come full circle. Through our 17 years as a pioneer and partner in Thailand’s art community, 100 Tonson Gallery has hosted and coordinated more than 100 domestic and international art exhibitions. During our past five years, seeing an opportunity to support and contribute to our art community through new approaches, we shifted our programming to house ambitious six-month projects that challenge traditional practice among a diverse array of talented artists. Today, we are excited to launch our new 100 Tonson Foundation as we transition our operations and officially become a nonprofit organization – through which we will further pursue our longstanding mission to support and advance Thailand’s rich and ever-expanding contemporary art scene.

Website: www.100tonsonfoundation.org

Email: hello@100tonsonfoundation.org

IG: 100tonsonfoundation

Facebook: 100tonsonfoundation