Gines Serran-Pagan

100 Tonson Gallery is honored to present the first Thailand exhibition of renowned Spanish painter Gines Serran-Pagan.  Gines' paintings, known for their colors and symbolisms, embody the many years he has spent living with the indigenous people of the world, including the Native Indians of North America, the rural fishermen of Japan, and the people of Tahiti, China, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, and Australia.   In the simplicity of these people's lives and in the power of their cultures Gines looks for a vitality that he believes the West has lost, and which finds inspiration and expression in his paintings.

In 1983, after living with the North American Indians, Ginés began to paint. His first exhibition was at the Guggenhiem Museum of New York named "New Images of Spain". Since then, he  has had over one hundred and twenty exhibitions in fifteen countries around the world. 

Gines is considered a superb colorist, praised for the strength, truth and intensity of his art. His paintings are a reflection of his life and experiences, blended together and distilled into colors and textures that express an image of a world uniquely his.

After an absence of many years he has returned to his native Spain to concentrate on his painting at his atelier in the mountains of Andalucia.  He has received numerous international awards and recognitions. Most recently he has been endorsed in Spain for the Gold Medal for the Arts, a rare and privileged distinction. 

He frequently exhibits in the United States where his paintings form part of important private and public collections. He is also widely collected in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, New Delhi, Beijing and Shanghai. Though Ginés Serrán-Pagán has spent time painting in Thailand, 100 Tonson Gallery presents his first exhibition in this country.