Shunsuke François Nanjo

Born 1981, Tokyo   (Work and live in Tokyo and Paris) 

Shunsuke’s work is focused on the concept of trans-culture employing varied media such as photography, painting, video and installation. Having exhibited in Europe, US and Asia, He is drawn towards experimentation and exploration of personal memories and myths contained in spaces or given environment. Shunsuke uses different elements of his work as tools to invite his audiences to look at different points of view while constantly posting questions “Where are we from? Where are we heading to?”



Admitted in ENSBA, Paris, France

MA in Fine Art, Université de Toulouse-le-Mirail (Toulouse II), Toulouse, France


A LEVELS in Litterature, Fine Art Course, Lycee Emile Duclaux, Aurillac France

Solo Exhibition


La/Pas La (Here/Not Here), 100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

No Man's Land, French Embassy, Tokyo, Japan


Terra Incognita, Galerie Andre et Catherine HUG, Paris, France


Verbless voices, University Toulouse le Mirail, Toulouse, France


Carnet de Route, Galerie Can'Art, Toulouse, France

Selected Group Exhibition


Trickle-down Theory, Korjaamo Gallery, Helsinki, Finland

Zensors Project 2nd Edition, performance jam session, Bencab Museum, Baguio, Philippines

Masculinity Brand Fair, Nicolas Hayek Building, Ginza, Tokyo


Facing East, Gallery Point Of View, NYC, USA

Suspended Melodies, Youkobo residency, Tokyo, JAPAN

Un hiver a Beijing, 3+3 Gallery, Beijing, China


Human, Galerie Andre et CatherineHUG, Paris, France

(Foliage Sea), Dar De Rien, Limoges, France

(Limbo), ZAIM, Yokohama, Japan

E-Art Festival, Shanghai, China


MJA, Mission Jeunes Artistes, Toulouse, France


Festival ManifestO, Toulouse, France

(Porträt), La Galerie, Foix, France

(Foliage Sea), Forum de l' Image, Toulouse, France

Laboratoire Artistique Lost Eden, Dar De Rie, Villefranche de Rouergue, France


(Lilliput), COMPOSIT, Aspet, France

(Desire), COMPOSIT, Toulouse, France


Art / Science, Univ., Paul Sabatier, Toulous, France

Le Sens / Les Sens Verbless voices, Forum de l'Image, Toulouse, France

Dreams and conflicts: COMPOSIT the dictatorship of the viewer, Toulouse, France


Body and Identity, Univ., Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France

A deux, Traverse Video festival, Toulouse, France